Tuesday 21st October 2014,
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Lush greenery, beautiful picturesque, sweet melody accompanying, one of the most beautiful depictions of nature and the innocence surrounding it was an incentive enough for me to be charmed by it. Thankfully I [...]

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Gone home

As the first game review on the site, it is with much pride that I present to you Gone Home, a magnificent game, albeit a bit short, gone home [...]

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Quite renowned around the world for what seems to be one of the most popular movies in Korea, Park Chan-wook has more than just Oldboy in his repertoire of good movies. Considered as the vengeance [...]

Posted On April 21, 2013 | 12 Comments

Allright, now, let’s put something straight: this is a list of the top ten wimpiest characters: by that I don’t mean the weakest in terms of strengths, the worst in terms of character [...]

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WE WANT YOU! [...]