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Top 15 Wimpiest Characters

Nic April 21, 2013 Articles 12 Comments

Allright, now, let’s put something straight: this is a list of the top ten wimpiest characters: by that I don’t mean the weakest in terms of strengths, the worst in terms of character design or the most disappointing characters; by wimpiest I mean the characters that had a lot going for them and took every opportunity evade their responsibilities for worthless reasons and managed to run away despite everything. Basically, these are characters you spend a huge part of the series asking yourself: Why the hell doesn’t he do something instead of constantly complain / cry / abandons all hope? Now: keep in mind this is my opinion, if you have any other ideas – tell them in the comments, there might be a follow up to this list if I missed something.

PS: the pic for the article is totally unrelated.

*There will be some spoilers *

15. Mei Tachibana [Sukitte Ii Na Yo]

Spends more than ¾ of the anime complaining about not liking almost everything her boyfriend is doing, her solution? Let’s try getting ignored and forgotten, seems like a great plan. What really got to me with Mei was the fact she had everything going great, and just because she lacked the drive to have an opinion, she sabotaged her own relationship.

14. Himeko Inaba [Kokoro Connect]

Mostly tries to solve her problems by evading contacts with others, then proceeds to sequestering herself to her room, just to make sure the show would stall some more. She sabotaged her own relationships just to try to dodge a conflict, until she got slapped, and we all know the amazing power of a slap to the face.




13. Shu [Guilty Crown]

He’s just a wimp … using others for his own gain and then complaining when he causes their demise. Constantly complains about everything; he’s a must over here.



12. Hiro Hirono [Ef – Tales of Memories]

The first part of this anime basically revolves around the fact he is a wimp and cannot make a decision between two girls, so he juggles them. After wounding both of them and almost causing one’s descent into the abyss, he finally gets the balls to actually choose, but takes a painfully long time to actually clear up the situation believing it’ll solve itself.



11. Suzaku Kururugi [Code Geass]

Spends most of the season constantly questioning his own role and failing to step up for a lot of things he believes in, when he does get the truth, he refuses to do his duty due to Lelouch being his friend. Most of the time he does nothing but complain, and the fact he was supposed to be an example of righteousness in the show makes it even more painful.



10. Yukiteru Amano[Mirai Nikki]

Yukiteru finds himself in a play or die type of game, instead of taking either option; he decides to whimper about how unfair his situation is. Being too weak to play the game or kill himself, he gets everything handed to him by his companions, when he sees that his GF is a psychopath and tries to kill him, he flees. Eventually he kills her, and then spends twenty thousand years crying about it…



9.  Takumi Nishijou[Chäos;Head]


Got issues with his daily life, suspected of murder and such things, instead of actually trying to understand the problem and find a solution, he escapes to his games, paranoia and delusions, effectively earning his place in this list.



8.  Yukio Tanaka[Beck]

One of the case of lack of confidence characters; he spends the show beating himself over the smallest things and getting hurt for idiotic reasons.



7. Yamato Akitsuki [Suzuka]

Gets rejected, spends 2 years closed off in his home, basically forces someone to sleep with him out of sheer loneliness and ruins her freaking life. Then still tries to do nothing to solve the issues at hand and just basically lives with his contempt.  Pretty self-explanatory.



6. Ganta Igarashi [Deadman Wonderland]

I had a real problem with Ganta, I understand, the guy has lived through a lot of stuff, and you’d think this would make him grow a pair and finally accept some simple facts, his life is not what it was anymore and he needs to adapt. Instead of doing this, he spends his time complaining and crying about every little thing that happens to him.



5. Raki [Claymore]

Holy shit this kid whines, sadly, Raki is the kind of whining wimpy character, the kind that wants everyone to know how wimpy he is at all cost, fleeing from everything despite wanting to be of help, he was a sad sight to watch and almost ruined everything good in Claymore. He was a pain to stand all the time he was shown. Even when he was older, I couldn’t shake off the bad image that was built for him.



4. Tomoya Okazaki[Clannad : After Story]

Spends the first half of the show running away from his problems, despite him being able to find a quick solution to most of them, when he finally starts making sense, he decides to abandon his only child and falls deeply into alcohol, narrowly dodging all his problems, until they catch up to him, Tomoya qualified perfectly for this list.



3. Shuji [SaiKano]

Spends most of the time being unrealistically irresponsible and causing nothing but immense pain to the people near him by fleeing every damn bad situation that occurs, living his life the past. When shit hits the fan and his friends start dying, he either abandons’s them fails to even try and help them or takes the easiest/ quickest solution. When he sees his GF again, he rapes her to try and apologise for handing her over to the agency that turned her into a weapon.



2. Makoto Itou [School Days]

Where do I even start with this guy …he acquires a girlfriend, then goes ahead to have sex with EVERY OTHER WOMAN in the show, when trouble starts appearing he cowers in fear of it and jumps to a new girl, eventually his trouble catches up and he starts complaining of all the pain he got from everyone, goes back to his first girlfriend and ends up skipping to another girl again because she had an opinion about something; ends up getting killed, serves him right…



1. Shinji Ikari [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

This guy wakes up one day and discovers he’s basically humanity’s last bastion of hope, unpon hearing this news, he start questioning constantly if he can actually help or not; now, this wouldn’t be so bad if he did it once or twice, but when all his lines can be resumed by <<Shinji complains about his lack of *insert something here*>> there is a problem. Waking up from the destruction of all mankind (except him and Asuka) he tries to kill the only other living being in the world to confirm he is being rejected, obviously he fails and falls down crying afterwards. Go Shinji …


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  1. Frog April 21, 2013 at 7:27 am

    I love how only two out of fifteen of these wimpy characters are female. lol.

    • Nic April 26, 2013 at 1:16 am

      What can I say ? most main characters in anime are male and when a lot of them are the wimpy archetype, a lot make the list. I should have included the runner ups, a lot of them were female. I may end up uploading them eventually, we’ll see.

  2. anon June 6, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Your explanation for Makoto Itou [School Days] doesn’t really make him a wimp but more on the lines of DOUCHEBAG. Sure he complains, but this guy goes around and fucks every chick THEN goes back to his first gf. He acts like nothing happened and proceeds to copulate. I honestly don’t think he was running away from his problems but rather he was seriously oblivious to the females’ feelings and couldn’t understand them when they tried to talk to him. Guy has sex, likes it, then moves on to the next without any regard to the females

    • anon June 6, 2013 at 10:45 am

      I mean, he WAS running away but the MC himself didn’t see it as such

      • Nic June 12, 2013 at 2:58 am

        Umm… I guess that’s one way of seeing it, I simply believed he wasn’t oblivious… what you said does make sense actually … but I’m still under the impression he was running away from all the problems he was causing.

  3. paulo June 10, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    I don’t think that Tomoya Okazaki was a wimpy…he lost everything and reacted to all that as a normal guy…alcoholism, depression…all normal responses to someone that had lost his reason to live.
    If you were expecting something else, or superheroes, just go watch Dragonball Z….

    • Nic June 12, 2013 at 2:56 am

      I’m not saying it wasn’t a normal response, I’m saying abandoning everything was extremely wimpy, he did not lose everything: his daughter survived the ordeal and he chose to abandon her due to his unability to cope with the situation. IMO, he ran away from his duties, which is unacceptable even considering he lost the person who he loved. With all that, I don’t believe he had to take it all and live with it like a superhero, but I think it was wimp of him to abandon the person that needed him the most.

  4. Tenma December 5, 2013 at 6:22 am

    I thought Nobita would get the top spot. But i guess that guy is the very definition of the word wimpy that he does not need to be included in this list.

  5. Nic December 18, 2013 at 2:09 am

    Definitions don’t count, its just cheap for the rest

  6. Sean January 15, 2014 at 11:03 am

    No Usopp from One Piece? The guy can be a beast in battle, but the only thing holding him back is his fear.

  7. weenie February 8, 2014 at 11:40 pm

    Yuno (Yukiteru’s Girlfriend) killed herself so he couldn’t even do that DX btws nice list! c:

  8. Blues May 26, 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Funny thing is the wimpiest character of them all are usually harem protagonist, you know the kind of manga where if it was realistic the MC would have to be a super badass dude to get his own harem.

    Take out Raki, he redeemed himself by fucking challenging Priscilla. That’s more than say Yuuki Rito would ever do.

    School Days MC isn’t so bad, fucking all the girls you see is far from wimpy, wimpy is basically Yuuki Rito/ Saito Hiraga/ Standard harem MC.

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