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Panty&Stocking With Garterbelt Anime Review

Nic September 25, 2011 No Comments
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Overall Score




I have a hard time figuring out so many things about this anime, this is chaos, it’s so confusing, makes no sense whatsoever in the end is blatantly insulting at times and gross at others, how come am I so entertained? Why did I love this until the end? Why is stupidity so fun to watch? Well I have no idea, but that’s Panty and Stocking, an insulting, disgusting, tasteless wonder of entertainment, and it’s great.

I have said it once, and I will say it again, this show is simply insulting, but the genius behind this is that it tries to be, and is not by an accident of script writing since every second of this anime is dedicating to making fun of sex and feces. That being said the anime decides to follow a very episodic style and almost denies all possibility for a coherent story apart from a pair of persistent villains and a redundant objective (killing demons to collect cash that is). Apart from that, nothing is really explained. You can deduce the fact they are fallen angels since it’s so obviously shoved in your face. By that, I mean that you have to be a total dimwit to miss the fact they are both adepts and mistresses of the deadly sins. Thing is, the anime is not trying to hide that, it’s not trying to please you or give you plot twists. It solely bets all its value on pure idiotic humour, sex jokes/depiction and stunning visual arts to entertain. And that’s what I loved about P&S, it’s one of the lightest shows I have ever watched and it’s just great if you need a laugh and are ready to get disgusted to get it. If you expect a story, you will be disappointed, if you expect nothing but a laugh, you might get more than you ask for. The only thing that pissed me off with P&S was the ending since they almost tried to create a dramatic effect and an actual romantic development, and that was plain boring, you can’t fool around for 11 episodes and then try to get some pity/awe out of us, you can’t expect us to get attached to actually feel something for her, since she is there solely for cock jokes and sex scenes. All in all, this is a very adult series with a childish style at times.

The characters are plain deranged, insane even. Sure, they were funny as hell, but apart from both having their preferred sin and both being lazy and careless, I can’t see how they are defined as characters apart from that. They are both pretty much sluts, though one is a bigger one, and they are both simply bitches, can’t say there is more to that. Although I’m pretty much bashing their lack of identity, I have been surprised to see that, even if both of them are simply shallow characters, there were some small character development and some character personalisation (scary thing is I have found more character development in this than some romances, and this is a hardcore parody/sexual anime), but the whole thing is still very faint, BUT we don’t care since that is in no way the point of the anime.  All in all, the characters are interesting enough to be suitable to the anime style.

Something I did not mention was the fact that this is essentially a parody, it uses this humour obviously as a combo with the sex jokes, but I was disappointed since there was still a very low amount of parody, that itself would not have been that bad, but the fact it was a well done parody was the thing that pissed me off, I would have wanted to see more of it and I was left in the end wanting more of that randomness.

And now to the pinnacle of this anime, the artwork, to this day I still can’t figure out if its horribly done but the mix makes it all good, or if it’s just a masterpiece and an ode to randomness. The anime itself doesn’t look that good and takes up the style of power puffs girls a bit, but it was the editing and the ‘’animation style’’ switches that made it wonderful. What was great was the fact it often switched animation going from cartoony power puff girls to serious and even to well detailed (almost erotic) anime. It was simply great, and its worth watching simply for the animation.

Finally the music, the music harboured a crasy techno / pop style which was surprisingly efficient in getting the mood set for the anime, it was also very interesting music that was quite catchy, I had to download the soundtrack.

All in all, Panty and Stocking had a lot of flaws, that’s for sure, but it was also very nice, it had a lot of diversity and humour, but was essentially just one big Cock joke with a hint of parody inside.

Entertainment: 9/10

Value: 5/10

Total: 6/10

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