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Tatami Galaxy Anime Review

Nic November 11, 2011 No Comments
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At first I didn’t know what to think about this extremely fast paste anime, apart from the fact that it was extremely odd and the artwork was amazingly strange. I had trouble getting into it at first, since it looked a bit like the ruthless endless 8 with some variations, but after a while I got very intrigued by the whole founding of the anime. All in all, it was good, but I had the feeling it went from nothing to nowhere. The anime gave me the impression it had no point.

The story revolves around a young man living his ‘’normal’’ life at school for 2 years, exact at the end of each 2 year cycle, he s=wishes he had chosen another path, and he gets that chance. He then relives the 2 years each year, and meets the same people, oddly enough, he even gets similar experiences. The concept was great, it was pretty original the only flaw of execution I could find was the fact that the narrative was VERY fast, so fast it was hard to understand and I often had to pause to catch the subtitles. Even if the concept was good, it mainly felt bizarre in the end due to the speed of the anime, which is what makes the anime enjoyable, this eccentric feeling and unusual humour got the anime off on a good foot. The flaw of the anime would be the fact that it seems to lead to nothing; there is no real plot, no real point and no real story. The only objective that can be conceived would be the romantic plot and the ‘’get the girl’’ factor, but even that is profoundly overlooked (it’s a trap, this isn’t a romance story). I was bamboozled by this anime in believing that romance would be important; it isn’t, and that’s what was disappointing since the ending was revolving around that fact. I was left on my hunger for the sentimental point of view of the anime. Although I was caught by the fake promises of romance, the ending was great, it was very philosophical and surprisingly heavy and episode 10 was even depressing for a moment. All in all, it was a great anime that went nowhere. It was good, it had emotive moments, but it felt essentially disconnected, repetitive and unique at the same time. Truly a great work for anyone who likes contradiction.

Something that pleased me would have been the fact that the humour in this anime was quite subtle at times, and extravagant at other, the contradiction felt good and added some lightness to the anime. Something that I found totally random in the anime would be the 3 episodes solely revolving about the possibility to have sex, that was pretty funny,  but it was also very random, almost too random for this anime.

The characters were a good part of the anime as well, even if they were small in numbers, they were very well defined and all had that unique feel I crave in anime. The best part of that would probably be the fact that they change inter episodes but not only because of the ‘’time change’’ but rather because they seem to keep glimpses of memory from every episodes and change in time. Another thing that was good would be the fact that we explore more and more their personalities as the anime advances, though some characters could have been explored more (the main girl). The characters were attaching, but no more than that, I won’t be remembering them for long, that is for sure.

The most amazing part of this anime is still undoubtedly the wicked artwork and crazy animation. There are no words to describe how strange and awesome the anime looks, go watch it, it will save both of us time.

The music was great as well, I especially loved the episode 4 song (when the ‘’god’’ sings randomly) and the ending, but all the songs were great and always fitting the mood of the anime.

All in all, this was an interestingly repetitive anime with a good touch or entertainment added to it. Even if it does take a while to lead up to what it’s supposed to be, it was good, and was worth my time.

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